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Preparation Songs

Beginning with Carreen Raynor's poem, we are entering into a series of restful remembering and preparing during this Lenten season wherever we may be meeting you. Dr. Latayne Scott has graciously offered up a gathering of poetry from her book Passion, Power, Proxy, Release. Take the time to join us as we recall to mind, heart, and spirit the Beautiful, Good, and True.


"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” -Matthew 11:28.


Just as He is God

Who is served by

A Spirit

Who is the faces of

Lamb ox eagle lion man

Who is a wheel

Within a wheel

Covered by eyes

All around

I lean now

Upon His breast

Becoming with the church

Millions of ears

That lie just under

His clavicle

Straining to hear

The comfort of

His beating


Jesus made the most marvelous barter of all history. Come to Me, He said, and I’ll take all your messes, all your regrets, all your guilt and pain, no questions asked. In most translations, He is quoted as saying that “I will give you rest.” But the word “rest” in Greek is a verb, not a direct object. It’s not something He gives you, it’s something He does to you.

Come to Me, He says. I’ll rest you.


Dr. Latayne C. Scott is an enthusiastic proponent of Christian Classical Education and taught various subjects in the School of Logic of a classical academy. The award-winning author of over 30 published books and thousands of shorter published works such as poems, she continues to write, publish, and serve as a spirituality coach and a writing coach.

- Photo credit to Melissa Lancaster for Dr. Scott's bio headshot


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